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In 1998 Posten AB started to use an Inkjet Printer for cancelling the stamps on Christmas cards.


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Introduction First test Stage II Stage III New software Spec.Prog
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On the 1st April 1996, Posten AB carried out a plan entitled "Det nya Brevnätet". The 56 Postal Centres were reduced to 13 head Centres and 6 service Centres. Connected with this,  Posten AB utilised the technique  of logistics uniting "Brevnät" (letternet).

The new sorting machine (IRM) together with the cancellation machine has been  more powerful and faster.

The printer consists of two units, an upper and one lower ink-jet printer.

Link to   2003-07-09

As yoy can see the upper part is displaced 23 mm to the left. Cancelled 2003-07-09 Malmö IRM 114.

First test.

Stage I.

Those philatelists who were lucky to have friends in Gothenburg , Malmö, Norrköping or Uppsala maybe could see this new cancellation at 1998 years Christmas cards. The new Poseidon in Gothenburg was smaller, to the left 5 wave lines, ending with a post horn in a circle of size 13 mm. This machine seams to bee a Pitney Bowes U 700. The frame can bee missing. The machine have been used occasional  until Christmas 2002.

Pitney Bowes U 700.

Picture Time Description
Pilalle´ 1998 Malmö 1998-12-16. "Willow avenue" without frame on Christmas post.
Tram   Norrköping
The Cathedral 1998 Uppsala 1998-12-22. "The Cathedral" with frame on.
Au Pos 02 2002 Small Poseidon stamped 2002-12-13 on envelope
Lu 62b 2002 2002-12-15  in Gothenburg,  "the small" Poseidon and even the   "God Jul Gott Nytt År"-stamp. Very nice done.


Stage II.

Next machine was tested at Klara sorting terminal. This machine has 8 wave lines and a little bigger post horn (18 mm). I think this is the some type of machine then use in GB. Take a lock at an English cover and you will recognize the 8 wave lines.  20th of Feb. 1999. was the first date they use this one. Probably they  tested the machine at a later date. I do think they need more than one day, to get this technical, complicated machine into shape.

Picture Description
Au Royal Royal Mail De Dd Cymru cancelled 2002-02-11 with 8 wave lines

The sun (lu72b)

Klara with 8 wave lines from testing date 1999-02-20.


Gothenburg 1999-12-21. Poseidon with frame, but without wave lines on Christmas cards.


Stage III

The 17th of may 1999 they begin using the IRM -machine in Tomteboda 101. Followed by Uppsala IRM 106 (1999-06-17), Malmö IRM 114 (1999-06-28), Västerås IRM ? etc. The start up of those new  machines goes by the speed of one machine a month. This will end in may 2000.  The terminals in Borlänge and Hässleholm are finish off (outgoing sorting in Hässleholm ended 2000-08-31) Post from area Borlänge will probably be sorted in Uppsala.

There are different length of the 8 wave lines, 20 mm, 40 mm, and 60 mm, see picture Uppsala IRM 106 below.



IRM 101

Tomteboda IRM 101. The sun with 8 wave lines cancelled 1999-05-17

IRM 106 Uppsala 2 different with  8 wave lines  20 respective 40 mm long, cancelled 1999-06-17
IRM 107 Västerås IRM 107 with 20 mm wave lines cancelled 1999-08-23
IRM 108 Norrköping IRM 108 with 20 mm wave lines cancelled 1999-09-02
IRM 114 Malmö  IRM 114 with 60 mm long wave lines cancelled 1999-06-30

Timetable for starting the IRM and SRM-machines.



Type Description
Malmö     Malmö over Oval OE  LETTER 1999-08-04 at the back of an envelope
      Terminals and there  IRM-machines (SRM)
Tomteboda 101 1999-05-17 IRM The machine tested 1999-02-20 in Klara. Moved to Årsta 2004-06-
Årsta 102 1999-11-01 IRM1  
Årsta 103 1999-11-01 IRM2  
Uppsala 106 1999-06-07  IRM (1999-06-17 because of a broken pin)
Västerås 107 1999-08-23 IRM 1999-07-19?
Norrköping 108 1999-08-16 IRM Moved to Nässjö 2004-06-
Göteborg 111 1999-09-20 IRM  
Malmö 114 1999-06-28 IRM  
Nässjö 117 1999-10-11 IRM Frame and 5 wave lines 40 mm. 1999-10-12

Alvesta 118  

1999-09-06 IRM Frame and 5 wave lines 20 mm. 1999-11-01
Plats Start Type Terminals and there SRM-machines
Malmö 1999-11-15 SRM  
Göteborg 1999-11-29 SRM  
Sundsvall 1999-12-20 SRM  
Umeå 2000-01-24 SRM  
Karlstad 2000-03-06 SRM  

8 wave lines become 5 ?

A new variant with only 5 wave lines, something like the one in Stage I. Just one known at the back of an  A5 envelope with text Malmö OE  LETTER 1999-08-04.  

What application has this stamp? 

At the some time the text "IRM" was taken away in the Video jet text. At the other Postal Centre new software was installed in October. This software  reduced the  8 wave lines to 5. 


The Wave lines disappears completely:

In Dec. 1999 a new software where installed and that means the wave lines disappear between the picture and the post horn. At least at C6 envelopes. Small envelopes are now without wave lines. We can now establish there are 3 variations with 8 wave lines: 20 mm, 40 mm, 60 mm,  2 variations with 5 wave lines: 20 mm, 40 mm, and without wave lines.



1999 Poseidon

Details from the Christmas post, stamped 1999-12-21
1999 Norrköping 108 tram without wave lines, stamped 99-12-01, sorted the some day.
1999 Umeå 084 24  K stamped 99-12-01, and sorted the some day.
2000 Nässjö 61 The thought by long wave lines was probably that all stamps will be cancelled. Sometime the customer fool the machine by a lot of stamps. 25 pieces of 20 öres stamps. (au IOGT)
Uppsala 2001 Uppsala with 8 dots, maybe the  rest of the 8 wave lines.

The Wave lines return:

Automatic sorting.

The Inkjet Printer machine are still in GSM and the IRM machines. The mailbags are emptied at the conveyor belt and in the other end of the machine the post are in a blue hod a few seconds later. The blue hod got a white label marked with a  grade labelling.  (ISO-kvalitet) (Sorry just in Swedish).

New software.

Every time when the face of the "cancellation" (Inkjet Printers) lock different, it seems to depend on the installing of a  New software in the computers.

and 5 wave lines become 4.



2001-02-28 Last Day Cover. The frame around the picture is now complete. There are 5 wave lines
2001-03-01 First Day Cover. Now there are no frames left.  An industrial designer has suit the stamp for better use of the printers  possibility of making a god picture. There are just 8 dots at every side of the picture. Just  4 wave lines left.

This make me think of the 10 small boys, disappearing one by one



Au_Lu0404 Letter stamped and sorted 2001-04-03  in Norrköping IRM machine. The envelope ended up in  Malmö. The day after 2001-04-04 it got a stamp even there? ? ?


New software.

Almost every time a new software is installed, something happend in the computers and the prints got another look. From the view of Posten AB, the main issue is, that there is something which marks the stamps. If there are frames or not, 4 or 5 wave lines, it doesn't matter.

and 4 wave lines become 5.

Envelopes sorted in the IRM-machines got 5 wave lines: 2001-05-13 in Årsta 103, 2001-05-17 in Tomteboda 101 and 2001-05-16 in Västerås 107.

Pictures / links


Letter stamped and sorted 2001-05-14 in Västerås IRM has  4 wave lines, introduced  2001-03-01 at all Postal Centre
Letter stamped and sorted  2001-05-16 got 5 wave lines.  Has the machine make that by itself or has a human beeing taking part in it. The reason is unknown. Could it be another software ?  ?
Letter stamped in Tomteboda 2001-05-17 , has got 5 wave lines and the frame is back round the "Sun".

And than it happens again,  4 wave lines is back.

2002-10-15  has Norrköping and Tomteboda got  5 wave lines but without frame.
2002-10-18  has Uppsala got  5 wave lines but NO FRAME.
2002-10-22  has Malmö and Karlstad  got 5 wave lines and the frame.
2002-10-22 2 pieces  from  Malmö. One with 4 wave lines WITHOUT frame, and the some day one with 5 wave lines and the FRAME.
2002-10-24  has Sundsvall and Umeå also got  5 wave lines but NO FRAME.
2021028 Såväl Malmö som Karlstad har både ram och 5 wave lines 2002-10-28
2002-11-15  has also Västerås installed a new software and got 5 wave lines.
2002-11-20  has Tomteboda installed a software and got  4 wave lines.
2002-11-27  This day has Karlstad  change from 5 wave lines with FRAME to 4 wave lines without the FRAME. New software are making trubbel.

Wrong adjustment of paint-sprayers.

The stamp are  very blurred, probably wrong distance mouthpiece- envelope. Anyway it is the "Pilevall" in Malmö.  Sorted 2002-04-19 in Malmö 71
The lower paint-sprayer are displaced about 35 mm to the left.  Sorted at Årsta 2002-04-18.
2002-06-03 2002-06-03 are Årsta still displaced about 35 mm to the left.
2003-07-09 2003-07-09 Malmö IRM 114. 4 wave lines, and the upper paint-sprayer 23 mm to the left .

This was the sitiation in Oct. 2002 when the 5 wave lines returnSome Postal Centre (Terminals) take care of the "problem" but other waited. A new software was on the way (see GOD JUL below). The period until 2002-12-09 can show a lot of variation at the different  Postal Centres. With or without frame, 4 or 5  wave lines.


A technical hitch, a lot of inconvenience results from this changing of software. Anyhow, some terminals has return to 4 wave lines and Karlstad has also remove the  "Frame" ?

Spec. Programmering.

New software for a new motiv.

EU-meeting in Gothenburg 2001.(1:a spec.)

For the first time the picture in the machine was change was to EU-meeting in Gothenburg 2001.



Au EU Gbg

"Poseidon" in Gothenburg got a rest. The stamp was used as from  tisd. 13/6 - to the end of the week. Small envelope without wave lines, and big ones with wave lines. 


Big envelope with 40 mm. wave lines, stamped 2001-06-15.

All terminals change the picture. (2:a spec.)

The second time Posten AB installed a new software to change the motiv was to Christmas. This is what it locks like, but in black: "GOD JUL OCH GOTT NYTT ÅR". All Terminals are installing new software between 2002-12-09 and 2002-12-22.


Description, "God jul" stamp

Auink u våglinjer

"All" terminals are installing the new software  exchanging the picture with the text "GOD JUL OCH GOTT NYTT ÅR" (Mery Christmas and a Happy New Year)

Auink m. våglinjer

Sorted in Malmö IRM, cancelled with 40mm long wave lines 2002-12-19

All of the Terminals did not change the software from 2002-12-09 to 2002-12-22.  2002-12-15 Gothenburg still have the  Poseidon picture.

22th Dec. I think we will bee back again to 4 wave lines?

2005 with new software




2005-01-10 come the next software, now with the posthorn and the date to the left, celebrating the stamps in Sweden  "Frimärket 150 år". This is from Umeå (Thanks to Bengt)



Next. (4:a spec.)




When and where will it bee = the next one?


Straighten things out - Förkortningar:

ATM (Automatic machine labels = "Stamps" produced in automatic machine controlled by computors)   EAN  = European Article Numbering = (System for identification,  unique number combination)
BSM  = (BrevSorteringsMaskin) Lettersorting Machine   Psn  = (Poststyrelsens allmänna cirkulär)
FSM  = (FinSorteringsMaskin) Accurate Machine?      
GSM  = (GrovSorteringsMaskin) Coarse  Machine?   IRM  =( Integrerad Resnings- och sorteringsMaskin.) Integrated Raising and Sorting Machine
SSM  = (StorSorteringsMaskin, C4-format) Flat Sorting Machine   SRM  = (Skiljning- och ResningsMaskin.) Sorting and Raising Machine
KSM  = (KlumpSorteringsMaskin),  Bulk Sorting Machine   VCS  = Video Coding System


Swedish Literature.

Team Terminal Nr 2 Juni 1999 Postens presentation av Göteborg och Malmö Postterminal 
Filatelisten nr 5 1999 sid. 294. Filatelisten nr 4 2003 sid. 154

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